Homemade Applesauce.

When the leaves turn and the air gets crisp, the baking season commences. Nothing smells better than apples cooking in the kitchen… let it be apple pie, apple coffee cakes, apple bread, and of course there is always apple sauce. When the apples are in season, there is nothing better than homemade apple sauce. I have been making the same apple sauce recipe for year, but decided to go for something new when I saw Ina Garten’s recipe (you can find it here) on her facebook page today. So if you have been apple picking lately (like me here) or picked up a bushel at your local Farmer’s Market and don’t know what to do…. let’s get started…

The main ingredients (6 Granny Smiths & 7 Mcintosh), all peeled and ready to be quartered and cored.

Zested and juiced lemon and oranges.

Quartered, cored, and tossed with zest & juice.

Ready to be baked!

First peek after 1.5h in the oven.

Before whisking.


Applesauce is a long time favorite of adults and children alike; I like to eat mine for breakfast with hot cereal and raisins. How do you eat yours?

Denim on Denim.

Denim on denim has been revitalized for a bit now…. a combination that was once the greatest of fashion sins. I think the key to this off-duty look is to get the colors right. There needs to be a contrast in colors; one piece should be a darker hued denim. I chose to wear the darker hue on the bottom half, a darker color being more slimming. Additionally, whenever I layer denim on denim, I break up the look with something feminine – today it is the strap of the one and only Chanel bag (another option is to wear a pair of dangly earrings). I rolled up the sleeves to not be swamped in fabric, and highlighted my wrists with a collection of silver tone arm candy which I have been neglecting.

denim shirt: Gap (old). jeans: Gap (old). rainboots: Marc by Marc Jacobs (old, find a short pair of rain boots here). sunglasses & bag: Chanel. arm candy: Cartier. Hermes. Patek. heirloom. unknown. Tiffany & Co.

Snakeskin Booties.

There is something dangerous and edgy about wearing snakeskin – it is a pattern that makes a statement. A sexy statement. I coveted a snakeskin print shoe as soon as I saw Miuccia Prada bring it back to the fashion world, but I had one problem…. I was intimidated by this print, therefore I didn’t want to spend a vast amount of money on this in-trend shoe. I was even skeptical about these Zara booties, but when I went to the store and they were on sale, I couldn’t deny my affection anymore and purchased them. This printed shoe is actually super-easy to pull off because it can go with anything from brights to neutrals, but remember to keep your outfit and palette relatively simple so your shoes take center stage. When this print is matched with basic pieces in dark colors like purple (or wine), green and black, it brings the winning combination: simple and sophisticated. How do you add some venom to your ensembles?

booties: Zara (old). skirt: Zara (old, but similar here or here). shirt: Calvin Klein (similar here and here). sweater: Burberry (men’s, old). bag: Coach. rings: Catbird. heirloom. Tiffany & Co. sunglasses: Prada (old).

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